Ante Bet

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Casino Hold 'em - Rules
... Each player makes an Ante bet and may make an optional AA bonus side bet ... has to decide (a) to fold with no further play losing the Ante bet or (b) to make a Call bet of double the Ante bet ... If one or more players makes a Call bet the dealer will deal two more cards to the board, for a total of five ...
Caribbean Stud Poker - Strategy - Payout
... cards, the player will receive even money (1-1) on the ante, and the following on his bet (with a maximum payout of $5,000 U.S ... Dollars per hand on each bet wager) Royal flush 100 to 1 Straight flush 50 to 1 Four of a kind 20 to 1 Full house 7 to 1 Flush 5 to 1 Straight 4 to 1 Three of a kind 3 to 1 Two pair 2 ... If the dealer's cards beat a player's cards, the dealer collects both the ante and bet ...

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