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Anoto's main product is the Anoto Digital Pen, a combination of ordinary ink pen and a digital camera (as well as supporting hardware) designed to digitally record everything written with the pen. The pen works by recognizing a special non-repeating dot pattern that is printed on the paper. The non-repeating nature of the pattern means that the pen is able to determine which page is being written on, and where on the page the pen is.

The dot pattern can be printed on a professional offset printing press, or on a laser printer. Dots are printed in black; other colors of ink are invisible to the pen's IR sensor. On a color laser printer, CMY can be mixed to produce near-black for text or other marks that are human-readable. For offset printing, Anoto has developed a color of ink, "Anoto substitute black." Anoto substitute black is a non-carbon based black ink that is invisible in the IR region, allowing the user to include human-readable black marks with the dot pattern without interference.

While some of Anoto's licensees have targeted the consumer sector, with for example learning toys, most licensees sell their products to solution providers who put together customized vertical market systems. Anoto sells a software development kit (SDK), numerous software applications, the Anoto Forms Solution (AFS) and digital pens. Anoto also sells an ASIC design for the image processing component of the pen; most pen licencees use the same basic design of optical assembly and pen internals. Anoto has approximately 350 partners, primarily in Europe, the United States and Japan. Examples of the business sectors within which they operate are healthcare, bank & finance, transportation & logistics and education.

Optical scan voting systems are based on Anoto technology.

Models include:

  • Ericsson Chatpen CHA-30 (discontinued)
  • Nokia SU-1B Digital Pen (discontinued)
  • Nokia SU-27W (successor to SU-1B, rebranded Logitech io2 )
  • Logitech io2 Digital Pen
  • Logitech io Digital Pen (earlier version, discontinued)
  • Maxell Digital Pen (an earlier version might have been discontinued)
  • Hewlett-Packard Digital Pen 200 (discontinued) (rebranded Logitech)
  • Hewlett-Packard Digital Pen 250
  • Fly (pentop computer)
  • Tag (LeapFrog)
  • Livescribe Pulse Smartpen
  • Livescribe Echo Smartpen
  • Anoto Digital Pen DP-201
  • Anoto Digital Pen io2 Bluetooth
  • Anoto Digital Pen DP-301
  • Polyvision Digital Stylus (DP-301)

Anoto also has a few other products:

The Anoto Forms Solution includes all components required to set up and use digital pen and paper in order to capture, transfer and incorporate handwritten information from paper forms into any back-end system. Anoto penDocuments Pro is a product that allows the user to create electronic copies of handwritten documents. Anoto penPresenter is a personal digital whiteboard. By projecting a blank PowerPoint slide, a digital whiteboard is created.

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