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Anonymous was recorded after the departure of Tomahawk's bass player Kevin Rutmanis, leaving a lineup composed of Mike Patton, Duane Denison and John Stanier. Denison and Stanier recorded their musical parts for the album in Nashville, Tennessee, before sending them to Patton in San Francisco to add vocal parts and samples; the resulting album was a mix of live studio recordings and overdubbed sounds. Due to the absence of Rutmanis, both Denison and Patton recorded bass tracks for the album. Patton's former Mr. Bungle bandmate Trevor Dunn became the band's bass player in 2012.

The songs on Anonymous are based on Native American compositions, which Denison had researched while touring Indian reservations with musician Hank Williams III. Denison found books of traditional music, and based his work for the album on these—the title Anonymous is a reference to the uncredited composers of this source material. Denison has called Anonymous "kind of a detour" from Tomahawk's usual sound, and described it as a concept album.

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