Anomalous Dispersion

Some articles on anomalous dispersion, dispersion:

Group Velocity - Definition and Interpretation - Physical Interpretation
... Anomalous dispersion happens in areas of rapid spectral variation with respect to the refractive index ... Anomalous dispersion plays a fundamental role in achieving backward propagating and superluminal light ... Anomalous dispersion can also be used to produce group and phase velocities that are in different directions ...
Single Wavelength Anomalous Dispersion - See Also - Anomalous Dispersion
... Multi-wavelength anomalous dispersion (MAD) Single wavelength anomalous dispersion (SAD) ...
Dispersion (optics) - Group and Phase Velocity
... Another consequence of dispersion manifests itself as a temporal effect ... In some unusual circumstances, called cases of anomalous dispersion, the rate of change of the index of refraction with respect to the wavelength changes sign ... Anomalous dispersion occurs, for instance, where the wavelength of the light is close to an absorption resonance of the medium ...

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