Annealing Temperature

Annealing temperature may refer to:

  • Annealing (glass)
  • Annealing (metallurgy)
  • Polymerase chain reaction

Other articles related to "annealing, temperature, annealing temperature, temperatures":

Variants Of PCR - Basic Modifications
... PCR protocol to achieve a desired goal Multiplex-PCR uses several pairs of primers annealing to different target sequences ... uses a limiting primer with a higher Melting temperature (Tm) than the excess primer to maintain reaction efficiency as the limiting primer concentration decreases mid-reaction ... reaction components to the DNA melting temperature (e.g ...
Polymerase Chain Reaction Optimization - Non-specific Priming
... Manipulation of annealing temperature and magnesium ion concentration may be used to increase specificity ... A "hot-start" polymerase enzyme whose activity is blocked unless it is heated to high temperature (e.g ... cycle, is commonly used to prevent non-specific priming during reaction preparation at lower temperatures ...

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