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Once in Parliament, she was appointed to the Health Select Committee, serving until December 2006, following her appointment as Shadow Minister for Tourism. She announced her backing for David Cameron in the Conservative Party leadership election on 11 October 2005, becoming the 29th Conservative MP to support him. She offered herself as a candidate for the 1922 Committee executive in January 2006 but was not elected.

In February 2006, Milton was among a minority of Conservative MPs to oppose exceptions for private clubs from the proposed Smoking ban in England. Milton had previously announced her opposition to a partial ban, stating it was "the worst possible solution". In summer 2007 David Cameron appointed her Shadow Minister for Health. Milton emerged well from the 2009 MPs expenses scandal, being deemed a Daily Telegraph "saint" for not claiming any money for her second home despite her constituency being 30 miles from Westminster.

Milton retained her seat in the 2010 general election, increasing her majority to 14 per cent.

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