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Omnivore - Omnivorous Species
... refers to the adaptations and main food source of the species in general, so these exceptions do not make either individual animals nor the species as a whole omnivorous ... to almost exclusively carnivorous, depending on what food sources are available locally and seasonally ... is generally a preference for one class of food, as plants and animals are digested differently ...
Paleolithic Diet - Rationale and Evolutionary Assumptions - Opposing Views - Plant-to-animal Ratio
... The specific plant to animal food ratio in the Paleolithic diet is also a matter of some dispute ... The mean diet among modern hunter-gatherer societies is estimated to consist of 64–68% of animal calories and 32–36% of plant calories, with animal calories further divided between fished and ... advocates of the Paleolithic diet consider high percentage of animal flesh to be one of the key features of the diet ...

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    Men should not labor foolishly like brutes, but the brain and the body should always, or as much as possible, work and rest together, and then the work will be of such a kind that when the body is hungry the brain will be hungry also, and the same food will suffice for both; otherwise the food which repairs the waste energy of the overwrought body will oppress the sedentary brain, and the degenerate scholar will come to esteem all food vulgar, and all getting a living drudgery.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The moose will, perhaps, one day become extinct; but how naturally then, when it exists only as a fossil relic, and unseen as that, may the poet or sculptor invent a fabulous animal with similar branching and leafy horns ... to be the inhabitant of such a forest as this!
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)