Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church

Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church

The Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church (ALCC), formerly the Evangelical Community Church-Lutheran (ECCL), is a church in the Lutheran Evangelical Catholic tradition. The ALCC claims to be unique among Lutheran churches in that it is of both Lutheran and Anglo-Catholic heritage and has also been significantly influenced by the Roman Catholic Church. The church was founded in 1997 by former members of the Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod. Its headquarters are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The ALCC has long had a policy of reunion with the Catholic Church and announced in 2011 that it would accept the conditions of Anglicanorum coetibus and join the personal ordinariates as they are established. However, later developments on limitations of joining the ordinariate caused the ALCC to hold on their offer while they establish intercommunion with groups like the Old Roman Catholic Church of North America.

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Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church - Leadership
... Metropolitan Archbishop of the Anglo-Lutheran Catholic Church Director, Office of the Director of Temporal Administration and Finance Director, Office of the Director of Military Services and Veteran’s Affairs The ... Reverend Thomas Stover, Bishop, Diocese of the West Director of Evangelism and Church Growth, Office of the Metropolitan Archbishop ...

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