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Lenses For SLR And DSLR Cameras - Focal Length and Angle of View
... image sensor in the camera (or size of the 35 mm film), determines the angle of view ... A lens is considered to be a "normal lens", in terms of its angle of view on a camera, when its focal length is approximately equal to the diagonal dimension of the ... The resulting diagonal angle of view of about 53 degrees is often said to approximate the angle of human vision since the angle of view of a human eye is at least 140 degrees, more careful ...

Famous quotes containing the words view and/or angle:

    On Hellespont guiltie of True-loves blood,
    In view and opposit two citties stood,
    Seaborders, disjoin’d by Neptunes might:
    The one Abydos, the other Sestos hight.
    Christopher Marlowe (1564–1593)

    The good lawyer is not the man who has an eye to every side and angle of contingency, and qualifies all his qualifications, but who throws himself on your part so heartily, that he can get you out of a scrape.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)