Anechoic Tile

Anechoic Tile

Anechoic tiles are rubber or synthetic polymer tiles containing thousands of tiny voids, applied to the outer hulls of military ships and submarines, as well as anechoic chambers. Their function is twofold:

  • To absorb the sound waves of active sonar, reducing and distorting the return signal, thereby reducing its effective range.
  • To attenuate the sounds emitted from the vessel, typically its engines, to reduce the range at which it can be detected by passive sonar.

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Anechoic Tile - Modern Usage
... The Royal Navy started using anechoic tiles in 1980, when HMS Churchill was fitted with them during her second refit ... The US Navy started using anechoic tiles in the mid 1980s, with the improved 688-class submarine USS San Juan being the first boat to receive them ...

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