Andrew J. Applegate

Andrew J. Applegate (October 14, 1833 – August 21, 1870) was the first Lieutenant Governor of Alabama. A Republican, Applegate served Governor William H. Smith of the same political party, from 1868-1870.

The son of Benjamin and Rebecca Applegate, Andrew Applegate grew up on a farm near Georgetown, Ohio. His father's family had immigrated from Holland, later settling in Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Applegate was educated within the public schools of his home town, where he later studied and practiced law. During the American Civil War, Applegate enlisted on July 9, 1861, as a wagoner in the Fourth Independent Company, Ohio Cavalry, and rose in rank to quartermaster sergeant. In 1865, he was commissioned captain of Company H, 189th Ohio Infantry.

Upon completion of his service, Applegate moved to Huntsville, Alabama and continued his law practice. In 1867, Applegate was elected as a member of the Constitutional Convention in an attempt to frame a new constitution for Alabama. In the election that soon followed, Applegate was elected lieutenant governor on August 13, 1868. He was also a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and served Alabama for his complete two year term as lieutenant governor.

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