Andeline is an American experimental Indie (music) band that formed in Edmond, Oklahoma in 2004.

Andeline first started as the creation of high school friends Ryan Ainsworth and Jason McManus. Drew Housley was employed on the guitar and stuck with the band until his departure in late 2004. His replacement was Andeline current, Sammy Mitchell.

In 2004 they self-released an EP titled Based on a Story, which had a very limited print run and was only sold at live appearances. In 2005, Andeline signed with Independent Artists Alliance and released their second album, "Transponder Down" (2005), which was widely acclaimed and received attention on the multinational level.

Andeline differentiated from the music scene in part by the fact that they produced all material solely by themselves. "Transponder Down" was completely self-recorded by Andeline and produced by Guitarist Ryan Ainsworth and Drummer Jason McManus. The artwork for "Transponder Down" was created by McManus as well.

As of February 2006, Andeline had decided to separate.

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