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Season Four (2012)

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33 401 "The Mayan Conspiracy" February 17, 2012 (2012-02-17)
This episode suggests that the ancient Maya were given their knowledge of mathematics and astronomy by extraterrestrials. It alleges advanced city engineering despite the use of metal tools and the wheel; knowledge of celestial events (such as pole shifts) thousands of years before the culture began; and a complex writing system only understood by the rulers and clerics among them. Featured artifacts include the sarcophagus lid of Palenque's King Pakal, who is said to be piloting a rocket ship; the La Venta Olmec heads suggested to represent African people in flight helmets; and the feathered serpent god Kukulkan possibly depicted elsewhere in the world as the Nāga and Chinese dragon.
34 402 "The Doomsday Prophecies" February 17, 2012 (2012-02-17)
This episode looks at the Maya civilization and their advanced knowledge of mathematics and timekeeping. It presents theories as to why the Maya backdated the 5125-year long-count calendar to 3114 BC (over 3,000 years before their civilization began) and what could happen after it ends December 21, 2012. Discussed are two artifacts, Tortuguero monument six and a Comalcalco mud brick, that may suggest the return of a star god Bolon Yokte; the Popol Vuh creation myths; the Chilam Balam manuscripts; and the monuments of Tikal (which is suggested to have been built to mimic the Pleiades cluster); and Chichen Itza, dedicated to the return of the Maya god Kukulkan.
35 403 "The Greys" February 24, 2012 (2012-02-24)
This episode focuses upon the so-called Greys, alleged alien beings characterized as having pale skin and big round heads with large black eyes, and connected within the last century to supposed alien abductions and UFO-related cases such as the Roswell incident. It also proposes that the Greys may have contacted human cultures in the distant past, such as the Hopi Indians and the Sumerians, and these events have been preserved in various ancient writings, sculptures and cave paintings.
36 404 "Aliens and Mega-Disasters" March 2, 2012 (2012-03-02)
This episode looks at various accounts of ancient civilizations that were destroyed by natural disasters such as volcanoes, earthquakes, and floods and proposes that otherworldly beings may have had a hand in these catastrophic events.
37 405 "The NASA Connection" March 9, 2012 (2012-03-09)
This episode delves into various reports by former NASA scientists and astronauts, as well as classified government files that purportedly suggest the space agency had alien contact in both the recent and ancient past.
38 406 "The Mystery of Puma Punku" March 16, 2012 (2012-03-16)
This episode investigates Bolivia's 14,000 year-old Puma Punku ruins, where an ancient civilization constructed sophisticated and intricately carved blocks that interlock and suggests the site was not built and inhabited by humans, but by advanced extraterrestrials.
39 407 "Aliens and Bigfoot" March 23, 2012 (2012-03-23)
This episode examines the legends of Bigfoot, a creature described as half-man/half-ape that allegedly stalks remote woodlands around the world, and suggests the creature may have connections to an alien species that may have visited Earth. Also suggested are that the legends of supernatural giants such as the Bible's Goliath, the hybrid Nephilim, the Sumerian Enkidu, are tales of human interaction with such creatures.
40 408 "The Da Vinci Conspiracy" April 6, 2012 (2012-04-06)
This episode examines some of the paintings, sketches and journals of legendary artist and engineer Leonardo Da Vinci, and alleges that some of his work may have been inspired by alien technology he may have encountered. Discussed are the possibility of hidden messages within his work such as parts of his paintings that disappear under x-ray scans; his use of mirror writing to make his notes illegible to prying eyes; his sketches of inhuman and monstrous creatures, and what DaVinci might have been doing when he seemingly disappeared for two years after finding a mysterious cave.
41 409 "The Time Travelers" April 27, 2012 (2012-04-27)
This episode suggests that some alleged alien encounters may be of beings from Earth's future traveling in time machines and that these beings visited Earth's distant past. Examined are the rumors of the Nazi "Die Glocke" time travel machine; the advanced cosmic knowledge of the Anasazi and their similarities to the ancient Sumerians; stories of time travel in the Bible and other ancient texts; and actual space/time experiments that could one day open the door for possible time travel technology.
42 410 "Aliens and Dinosaurs" May 4, 2012 (2012-05-04)
This episode suggests that man and dinosaurs may have coexisted in ancient times and past cultures had knowledge of prehistoric animals long before the study of paleontology. Examined is a carving found in Angkor Wat that is suggested to be a depiction of a stegosaurus; the thousands of Ica Stones of Peru that depict alleged human/dinosaur interaction; and fossils from Dinosaur Valley State Park suggested to contain both dinosaur and human footprints. Also suggested is the idea that dinosaurs may have been wiped out, not by an asteroid impact, but by alien extermination so that humans could become the dominant species on Earth.

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