Analog Circuits

Some articles on circuits, analog circuits:

Bob Pease - Publications (partial)
... IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits 19 (6) 971–977 ... Troubleshooting Analog Circuits (EDN Series for Design Engineers) (1991) Newnes ISBN 978-0-7506-9499-5 — An industry standard bench-top reference book for troubleshooting (and designing) analog circuits How to ... techniques, written for novices and experienced drivers alike Analog Circuits World Class Designs (2008) Robert A ...
Rahul Sarpeshkar
... Rahul Sarpeshkar (Analog Circuits and Biological Systems Group) is currently a tenured professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (rahuls at mit ... His current research group is known as the Analog Circuits and Biological Systems Group and is part of the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT ... His unique research creates both wet DNA-protein and dry electronic analog circuits, many of which have achieved world records ...
Semiconductor Device Applications
... be used as the building blocks of logic gates, which are fundamental in the design of digital circuits ... In digital circuits like microprocessors, transistors act as on-off switches in the MOSFET, for instance, the voltage applied to the gate determines whether the switch is on or off ... Transistors used for analog circuits do not act as on-off switches rather, they respond to a continuous range of inputs with a continuous range of outputs ...

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    The Buddha, the Godhead, resides quite as comfortably in the circuits of a digital computer or the gears of a cycle transmission as he does at the top of a mountain or in the petals of a flower.
    Robert M. Pirsig (b. 1928)