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Further Research

Some research has been done to develop and assess the economic feasibility of more environmentally superior technologies. Five main alternatives which have been implemented in North Carolina are: a solids separation/nitrification–denitrification/soluble phosphorus removal system; a thermophilic anaerobic digester system; a centralized composting system; a gasification system; and a fluidized-bed combustion system. These systems were judged based on their ability to: reduce impacts of CAFO waste in the surface and groundwater, decrease ammonia emissions, decrease the escape of disease-transmitting pathogens, and lower the concentration of heavy metal contamination.

The USDA has also evaluated the prospect of creating an cap and trade program for CAFO's carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions. This program has yet to be implemented, however the USDA speculates that such a program would encourage corporations to adopt EST practices.

Finally, a more comprehensive study of anaerobic swine lagoons nationwide has been launched by the Agricultural Research Service. this study aims to explore the composition of lagoons and anaerobic lagoon influence on environmental factors and agronomic practices.

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