Anaa - Mission


ANAA's stated mission is to:

  1. To increase awareness about the existence of human rights abuses in Pakistan by educating Pakistanis and the international community about the existing discriminatory laws and practices in Pakistan.
  2. To initiate public debate about the means to eradicate discrimination and social injustice against women, minorities and other disenfranchised groups in Pakistan through organization of educational seminars and conferences designed to increase awareness
  3. To help improve the human rights situation in Pakistan, an integral concern for the international community through collaboration with national and international groups engaged in the promotion of human rights in Pakistan
  4. And to expose the legal, social and psychological obstacles, ostracism and alienation faced by victims of sexual violence in Pakistan and to confront the issue of sexual violence against women through publication of newsletters, research reports and public seminars.

ANAA members are known to organize demonstrations and to urge Pakistan's government to defend the rights of women against all kinds of abuse in Pakistan.

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