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Irish Language

The Irish language plays an important role in the area. Gaoluinn na nDéise the Waterford variant of the Munster Irish dialect is spoken. The local primary school, S.N Baile Mhic Airt, is a Gaelscoil. Drama Plays in Irish are produced annually by the local drama group, Aisteoirí An Sean Phobal, and the parishes GAA club competes in the Comórtas Peile na Gaeltachta an annual Gaelic football competition contested by clubs from the Irish language-speaking Gaeltacht areas of Ireland. The official name of the area is An tSean Phobail or An Seanphobal. Both An Seanphobal and Old Parish were on the local road-signs until 2005, when the anglicized form ceased to have any official standing. Today, roadsigns show the Irish name only.

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