Amplitude Amplification

Amplitude amplification is a technique in quantum computing which generalizes the idea behind the Grover's search algorithm, and gives rise to a family of quantum algorithms. It was discovered by Gilles Brassard and Peter Høyer in 1997, and independently rediscovered by Lov Grover in 1998.

In a quantum computer, amplitude amplification can be used to obtain a quadratic speedup over several classical algorithms.

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Amplitude Amplification - Applications
... If there are G such entries in the database in total, then we can find them by initializing the quantum computer into a uniform superposition of all the database elements, and running the above algorithm ... In this case the overlap of the initial state with the good subspace is equal to the square root of the frequency of the good entries in the database ...
Quantum Algorithm - Algorithms Based On Amplitude Amplification
... Amplitude amplification is a technique that allows the amplification of a chosen subspace of a quantum state ... Applications of amplitude amplification usually lead to quadratic speedups over the corresponding classical algorithms ...

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