Amington Band

Amington Band which is a brass band was started in 1917, with Roland Davis as Bandmaster using old instruments until they could raise enough money to buy new ones. After they had raised enough money, they also employed a professional tutor, William Pollard. They began to enter competitions and soon began to win them, including the National Brass Band contest held in Crystal Palace in 1924.

Much success followed and in 1928 they built their own band room and also performed on the BBC and became one of the leading bands in the country. During the 80's Amington Band had a bit of a hat trick they came 1st place in 4th section in 1985, 1st Place in Third Section in 1986 and 1st Place in Second section in 1987.

However during the 90's the band began to decline but thanks to committed players the band was revived. They had a try at contests again but never succeeded. But now they are going up in the brass band world succeeding in many contests and qualifying for the National Brass Band Finals of Great Britain three years in a row.

The band is made up of Cornets, Horns, Flugel Horn, Baritones, Trombones, Euphoniums, Basses and the Percussion Section. And of course the Musical Director/Conductor.

Currently the band is in the 3rd Section and are doing well. They managed a 5th place position in the West Midlands Brass Bands Association Annual Contest at Leamington Spa.

Brass Band contests are made up of 5 sections (Brass Band Sections in Britain)


Championship being the highest and fourth being the lowest.

The band is based in Amington which is located in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The band puts on many concerts on during the year, visit the website for concert details and booking of the band.

The Band has a youth band for players under the age of 19.

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