Amiga Ranger Chipset - Basic Description

Basic Description

Information for this new chipset remains sketchy. However, the sound system may have still been the same as the Original chipset. According to RJ Mical, the new chipset kept the original 13 bit DAC for its CLUT but with quadrupled color registers from 32 to 128. The color palette would have remained at 4096 colours but the resolution could go up to 1024x1024 with 128 colors (7 bit color depth), additionally the chipset can address up to 2 MB of Chip RAM space.

Ranger used 2MB VRAM as chip memory. In an interview, Jay Miner described benefits of using VRAM instead of DRAM- this gave the display system enough memory bandwidth for 1024×1024 displays. From the known specification, it could be said that Ranger chipset was designed to compete with Sharp's X68000 personal computers (released in 1987) which made use of VRAM for 1024 x 1024 resolution in 16 colors.

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