America's Next Top Model, Cycle 9 - Episode Summaries - The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures

The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures

First aired November 28, 2007

The remaining five girls were sent to PT Models in Shanghai for go-sees. Heather had difficulty finding her way around town, and ended up only visiting one designer, while Jenah received bad comments about her personality and walk. Bianca and Saleisha were the only two to make it back on time; Chantal, Jenah and Heather were all disqualified for their tardiness. Bianca won the challenge; as her reward, her picture was to be used in a campaign for the 2008 Olympics.

Later, the girls took part in a photo shoot with Nigel, where they stood out in a crowd of Chinese lions and dragons. Some of Jenah's comments caused friction between her and Nigel, leaving Jenah to worry about her fate in the competition.

During panel, Tyra announced that the final four would go to Beijing for the remainder of the competition. Saleisha shone, while Bianca was critiqued for forgetting about her face in her photograph, and Jenah's communication skills were questioned. Chantal was complimented for a beautiful picture. Heather was criticized for not being able to handle pressure and doing the worst in the go-sees challenge, although her picture received praise.

Jenah and Heather ultimately landed in the bottom two, both for their communication improprieties. While both were commented on having the two best portfolios of the remaining models, the judges felt they lacked something in their communication. With that, Jenah's name was called and Heather was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Saleisha Stowers
  • Bottom two: Heather Kuzmich & Jenah Doucette
  • Eliminated: Heather Kuzmich
  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Susan Yang, Shan Jin Ya, Lu Kun, Stephen Peng, Flora Zeta, Helen Lee, Fiona Vong
  • CoverGirl of the Week: Heather Kuzmich

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