America's Next Top Model, Cycle 11 - Episode Summaries - Fierce Eyes

Fierce Eyes

First aired September 24, 2008

The girls got a runway lesson at a bowling alley from J. Alexander. The next day, they participated in a runway show for fashion designer Jeremy Scott. There were two twists. Firstly, the girls would be wearing see-through blindfolds, and secondly, one girl would be instantly eliminated following the challenge. Notable standouts on the runway included Joslyn, Analeigh, McKey, Isis and Sheena, though most girls also excelled. Despite being instructed not to do so, Samantha pulled up her dress while posing on the runway. Joslyn's performance was deemed the best, winning her a photo shoot for Seventeen which she shared with Isis and Sheena. The least impressive girls were Hannah and Samantha. Hannah for not presenting herself there and seems didn't want to be there, and Samantha for walking and acting 'disgustingly' in the runway. Hannah was sent home due to her overall performance.

  • Eliminated outside of judging panel: Hannah White

This week's photo shoot took place in their own pool, with Nigel Barker photographing the girls. The girls were to pose with their faces partially underwater, with an emphasis on their eyes. While many received positive feedback, Elina and Joslyn struggled with the shoot, as did Isis, who was awkward in the pool because she felt uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit.

At judging, Clark's huge improvement inspired everyone in the place, as she produced a super strong photo with a very fierce eyes. Analeigh also very improving from the last week, finally using her ice skating ability to create a photo with strong, fierce eyes. Sheena's photo was deemed by Tyra as an "Asian warrior that is going to kill you", while Lauren Brie impressed for the third consecutive week.

Despite having a strong photo, Samantha was strongly reprimanded by Jeremy Scott, because she was acting like a know-it-all and seemed to want to be the rockstar of the runway show, and she ended up in the bottom two along with Isis. In the end, Samantha was spared because the judges felt that Isis was holding back, though they praised her as an inspiration for the LGBT community.

  • First call-out: Clark Gilmer
  • Bottom two: Isis King & Samantha Potter
  • Eliminated: Isis King
  • Featured photographer: Nigel Barker
  • Special guests: Jeremy Scott, Ann Shoket, Kira Plastinina
  • Top Model in Action: Chantal Jones (Cycle 9)

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