American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame - People


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Name Discipline Year inducted
D. Wayne Lukas Racing 2007
Robert W. Moore Racing 2003
Zack T. Wood Cutting 2003
Evertt Salley Showing 2003
Bill Hedge Racing / Showing 2003
Richard Bingham Showing 2003
Allred Brothers Racing 2005
Ginger Hyland Breeding 2005
Mike Perkins Judging / Showing 2005
Charley Smith Jockey 2005
Bert Wood Breeder / Racing 2004
E. F. "Bud" Alderson Showing 2004
Don Burt Judging 2004
Rob Brown Rancher 2004
Buster Welch Trainer 2004
Mildred Janowitz Breeder 2004
Jack Brooks Racing 2004
Sparks Rust Jr. Judging 2001
Matlock Rose Trainer 2001
C. T. Fuller Breeder 2001
Blane Schvaneveldt Racing 2001
Anne Marion Rancher 2007
J. D. Blondin Showing 2007
Bill Collins Training 2007
J. Marvin Willhite Breeder 2007
Clarence Sharbaruer, Jr Breeder 1992
Tom Finley Breeder 1992
Richard M. Kleberg Jr. Rancher 1995
Hugh Peltz Rancher 1995
Bill Reed Rancher 1995
Mrs. Fisher E. Simmons Racing 1995
William R. "Bill" Thompson Rancher 1995
Albert C. Becker Showing 1995
Jack Anderson Past president 1996
Marten Clark Past president 1996
Hugh Huntley Racing 1996
Robert Norris Breeder 1996
David Perkins Past president 1996
Edward "Geech" Partin Breeder 1996
Howard Pitzer Breeder 1996
Lee Berwick Racing 1994
Quinby Demmitt Breeder 1994
Robert Kieckhefer Past president 1994
Jay Pumphrey Past president 1994
William Verdugo Past president 1994
Wayne Vickers Breeder 1994
Hank Wiescamp Breeder 1994
Ken Fratis Breeder 1993
Robert E. Hooper Past president 1993
Walter Merrick Breeder 1993
Orren Mixer Painter 1993
S. M. Moore Breeder 1993
Roy Parks Breeder 1993
Ike Hamilton Auctioneer 1999
Loyd Jenkins Breeder 1999
Suzanne Jones Judging 1999
Jack Kyle Breeder 1999
Leo Winters Past president 1999
Jess Hankins Breeder 1989
B. F. Phillips Jr Breeder 1989
Bud Warren Breeder 1989
Merle Wood Breeder/Judge 1998
Robert "Bobby" Adair Jockey 1998
George Tyler Judging 1998
Gerald O'Connor Past president 1998
Louis Pearce Jr Breeder 1998
Jimmie Randals Breeder 1998
Ott Adams Breeder 1986
William Anson Breeder 1986
Ivan Ashment Racing 1987
James "Jim" Barton Past president 2002
Dr. Marvin G. Beeman Judging 2000
Hugh Bennett Breeder 1990
Dick Bingham Past president 2003
Samuel Coke Blake Breeder 1986
M. O. "Bud" Breeding Breeder 2002
R. A. "Rob" Brown, Jr. Breeder 2004
R. A. Brown, Sr. Breeder 1988
J. Ernest Browning Founding member 1982
Orville Burtis Inspector 1988
Danny Cardoza Jockey 2002
Dan Casement Breeder 1986
Spencer Childers Racing 2002
George Clegg Breeder 1986
Buster Cole Breeder 2002
Si Dawson Breeder 1987
Robert Denhardt Historian 1986
Don Dodge Trainer 1997
C. W. "Bill" Englund Past president 2002
A. H. "Bud" Ferber Breeder 1994
J. B. Ferguson Founding member 1990
Lester Goodson Breeder 1991
J. Goodwin Hall Founding member 1985
Carol Harris Breeder 1997
Melville Haskell Breeder 1984
Waldo Haythorn Breeder 2002
Elmer Hepler Breeder 1991
Ed Honnen Breeder 1990
Harold "Huddy" Hudspeth Judge/Trainer 2000
J. F. Hutchins Founding member 1985
Mildred Janowitz Breeder 2004
Rick Johns Past president 1997
Robert J. Kleberg, Jr. Breeder 1986
Stephen "Tio" Kleberg Breeder 1997
C. O. McKerley Youth Programs 2000
Helen Michaelis Breeder/Historian 1985
James "Jim" Minnick Breeder 1984
Albert Mitchell Breeder 1984
Marshall Peavy Breeder 1987
Harriet Peckham Racing 2006
J. L. "Dusty" Rhoades Breeder 1991
Coke Roberds Breeder 1986
Gus Scroggins Founder/Judge 1987
J. Warren Shoemaker Breeder 1987
Kenneth T. Smith Past president 2006
Mrs. Anne Burnett Tandy Breeder 1990
Brad Tate Past president 2000
Joe Turner Racing 2006
R. L. Underwood. Breeder 1985
Frank Vessels Breeder/Racing 1989
E. Paul Waggoner Breeder 1991
William B. Warren Past president 1985
Howard Weiss Past president 1997
Dale Wilkinson Training 2000
Jerry Windham Racing 2006
B. F. Yeates Judging 2006
Duane Walker Breeder 2008
Charley Araujo Breeder 2008
Jim Shoemake Past president 2008
Bubba Cascio Racing 2008
R. C. "Punch" Jones Breeder 2008
Clarence E. "Casey" Darnell Breeder 2009
Charles Graham Breeder 2009
Randall D. Hubbard Racing 2009
Jerry Nicodemus Jockey 2009
R.H. Steve Stevens Jr. Past president 2009
Stretch Bradley Showing/Training 2010
Carol Rose Breeder 2010
Frank "Scoop" Vessels III Breeder 2010
Douglas & Nancy Dear Breeders 2011
Frank Howell Showing 2011
Joe Kirk Fulton Breeder 2011
Bob Loomis Trainer 2012
Gordon Hannagan Auctioneer 2012
Walter Fletcher Past President 2012
Bill Brewer 2013
Kenny Hart 2013
Frank Merrill Past President 2013
Guy Ray Rutland Breeder 2013
Gray Whalen Breeder 2013

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