American Community Survey

The American Community Survey (ACS) is an ongoing statistical survey by the U.S. Census Bureau, sent to approximately 250,000 addresses monthly (or 3 million per year). It regularly gathers information previously contained only in the long form of the decennial census. It is the largest survey other than the decennial census that the Census Bureau administers.

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American Community Survey - Opposition
... The survey asks for more information, and at a higher frequency, than the simple enumeration required by U.S ... fathers of the United States "never authorized the federal government to continuously survey the American people ...
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... As of the 2007 US Census American Community Survey the largest European ancestries were Irish (201,836) German (200,392) Polish (179,868) Italian (96,599) English (60,307) ...
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... Little Saigon is centered in Orange County, California, where over 189,000 Vietnamese Americans reside ... mega-region, this region constitutes the largest Vietnamese American (VA) population outside of Vietnam. 14,097 Riverside 16,026 San Diego 59,824 Ventura 2,739 TOTAL 367,628 2011 US Census Bureau, American Community Survey The community originally started emerging in Westminster, and quickly spread to ...
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... Definitions of community as "organisms inhabiting a common environment and interacting with one another," while scientifically accurate, do not convey the richness, diversity and complexity of ... Untidy as it may be, community is vital for humans ... in the following way "There can be no vulnerability without risk there can be no community without vulnerability there can be no peace, and ultimately no life, without community." ...
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... Census Bureau's American Community Survey "both ludicrous and insulting", arguing that the information demanded is simply none of the government's business ...

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