AMD Quad FX Platform

The AMD Quad FX platform is an AMD platform targeted at enthusiasts which allows users to plug two Socket F Athlon 64 FX or 2-way Opteron processors (CPUs) into a single motherboard for a total of four physical cores. This is a type of dual processor setup, where two CPUs are installed on a motherboard to increase computing power. The major difference between the platform and past dual processor systems like Xeon (pre Intel 5000X/P chipset) is that each processor has its own dedicated memory stores. The Quad FX platform also has HyperTransport capability targeted toward consumer platforms.

In May 2007, AMD officially codenamed the eight core setup with two Phenom FX processors to be the FASN8 (pronounced as "fascinate", /ˈfæsɨneɪt/, in short for First AMD Silicon Next-gen 8-core Platform) from the previous codename "4x4+" used in Analyst Day presentations.

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AMD Quad FX Platform - Future Updates
... AMD announced in Analyst Day that, sometime during 2008, users should be able to use two, future quad-core AMD processors using the chipset, providing a total of eight physical cores, dubbed as "4x4 ... While backward compatible AMD quad-cores will also support an update to HyperTransport which will benefit more from a new chipset released at the same time ...
Socket F - Technical Specifications - AMD Quad FX Platform
... Socket F is the base for the AMD Quad FX Platform (referred to as "4x4" or "QuadFather" prior to release), unveiled by AMD on November 30, 2006 ... This modified version of Socket F, named Socket 1207 FX by AMD, and Socket L1 by NVIDIA, allows for dual-socket, dual-core (four effective cores and eight effective cores in the future) processors in ...

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