Ambulance Bus - Mass Casualty Use

Mass Casualty Use

Ambulance buses can be deployed to major incidents, where multiple patients are present or expected, and can be used in two main ways: The units can act in a stationary capacity as a casualty clearing station, field hospital or treatment center; alternatively, they can be used to transport multiple stretcher- or wheelchair-bound patients from scene to the next definitive point of care.

Medical Ambulance Buses (MABs) are designed from the ground up to handle the increased demands of multi-patient treatment and transportation. MABs provide a large number of stretchered patients with oxygen, a controlled climate and the electrical capacity to power essential medical equipment

In some cases, existing vehicles can be used for the mass casualty purpose through the use of conversion kits designed to be rapidly fitted when required, reducing the need to have expensive mass casualty vehicles on fleet. The AmbuBus Bus Stretcher Conversion Kit gives first responders and municipalities the option of using a temporarily installed kit for on-demand response or a permanently installed for use in no-notice incidents.

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