Amadeus Basin

The Amadeus Basin is a large (ca. 170,000 km²) intracratonic sedimentary basin in central Australia, lying mostly within the southern Northern Territory, but extending into the state of Western Australia. It is named after Lake Amadeus which lies within the basin. Deposition of locally up to 14 km of marine and non-marine sedimentary rocks took place from the Neoproterozoic to the late Paleozoic. Along with other nearby sedimentary basins of similar age (Officer Basin, Georgina Basin, Ngalia Basin), the Amadeus Basin is believed to have once been part of the hypothetical Centralian Superbasin. The basin was locally deformed during the Petermann Orogeny (late Neoproterozoic — Cambrian), and more extensively during the Paleozoic Alice Springs Orogeny, events that fragmented the former Centralian Superbasin.

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... The Amadeus Basin contains the producing Mereenie Oilfield near Kings Canyon and Palm Valley Gasfield near Hermannsburg, which supply most of the energy resources to the Northern ...
Petermann Orogeny
... Musgrave Province and Ediacaran (Proterozoic) sediments of the (now) southern Amadeus Basin between ~550-535 Ma ... Prior to the Petermann Orogeny, which resulted in exhumation of the Musgrave Block, the Amadeus Basin was contiguous with the Officer Basin in South Australia ... as arkose and conglomerate in localised sedimentary basins that now outcrop as Uluru and Kata Tjuta respectively ...

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