Alpha Helix

Alpha Helix

A common motif in the secondary structure of proteins, the alpha helix (α-helix) is a right-handed coiled or spiral conformation (helix), in which every backbone N-H group donates a hydrogen bond to the backbone C=O group of the amino acid four residues earlier ( hydrogen bonding). This secondary structure is also sometimes called a classic Pauling–Corey–Branson alpha helix (see below). Among types of local structure in proteins, the α-helix is the most regular and the most predictable from sequence, as well as the most prevalent.

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Circular Dichroism - Application To Biological Molecules
... Therefore, the alpha helix of proteins and the double helix of nucleic acids have CD spectral signatures representative of their structures ... the fraction of a molecule that is in the alpha-helix conformation, the beta-sheet conformation, the beta-turn conformation, or some other (e.g ... CD cannot, in general, say where the alpha helices that are detected are located within the molecule or even completely predict how many there are ...
... tertiary structure revealing a three stranded, anti-parallel beta sheet, one alpha helix, and the connecting loops ... the beta sheet are residues 1-6, 31-34, and 39-47, while the alpha helix is residues 16-28 ... Thionin has a hydrophobic protein core that holds the beta sheet and alpha helix in its three-dimensional structure ...
Alpha Helix - The α-helix in Art
... At least five artists have made explicit reference to the α-helix in their work Julie Newdoll in painting and Julian Voss-Andreae, Bathsheba Grossman, Byron Rubin, and Mike Tyka in sculpture ... Her painting "Rise of the Alpha Helix" (2003) features human figures arranged in an α helical arrangement ... repetitious regularity but flow in graceful, twisting curves, and even the α-helix is regular more in the manner of a flower stem, whose branching nodes show the influence of environment ...
William Lawrence Bragg - Biography - Career - Work On Proteins
... researchers was Rosalind Franklin, whose "photograph 51" showed that DNA was a double helix, not a triple helix as Linus Pauling had proposed ... The helix was found for the first time in lysozyme by D C Phillips et al ... A turn of helix, as opposed to Pauling's alpha helix, was discovered in an enzyme, lysozyme ...
Cystatin C - Molecular Biology
... The crystal structure of cystatine C is characterized by a short alpha helix and a long alpha helix running across a large antiparallel, five-stranded beta sheet ... subdomains in the paired state, each half is made up of the long alpha helix and one beta strand of one partner, and four beta strands of the other partner ...

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