Allotment may refer to:

  • Allotment (gardening), a small area of land, let out at a nominal yearly rent by local government or independent allotment associations, for individuals to grow their own food
  • Allotment (travel industry), a block of pre-negotiated carrier seats or hotel rooms held by a travel organizer till a certain period
  • Allotment, see Dawes Act, a program of the U.S. Government, beginning in 1887, to break up Indian reservations and allot tribal land to individual Native Americans.
  • Allotment, also known as sortition, a method of selection by some form of lottery such as drawing coloured pebbles from a bag
  • The Allotment, a 1988 book by Colin Ward
  • Allotment, a method by which a company allocates over-subscribed shares - see Subscription (finance)

Other articles related to "allotment, allotments":

Kumpula Allotment Garden
... The Kumpula Allotment Garden, located at Kalervonkatu 1a in Kumpula and established in 1927, is the second oldest allotment garden in Helsinki, Finland ... The garden has 268 allotments with an average size of 300 m2 ... The allotments themselves, however, are the private property of the garden's members ...
Alaska Native Allotment Act
... The Alaska Native Allotment Act of 1906, 34 Stat ... and territories of the United States under the General Allotment Act of 1887 (Dawes Act) ... However, the General Allotment Act and the Alaska Native Allotment Act, while in some ways similar, differed considerably in their purpose and political circumstances under ...
Swedish Allotment System
... The allotment system (Swedish indelningsverket Finnish ruotujakolaitos) was a system used in Sweden for keeping a trained army at all times ... Two different allotment systems have been in use in Sweden they are the old allotment system (äldre indelningsverket) and the new allotment system (yngre ... Originally, the allotment system was a name for a system used to pay servants of the state, like officers and clergy ...
Lands Administrative Divisions Of Australia - By State/territory - South Australia
... the Deposited Plan or Filed Plan number with an allotment number, for example "Allotment 20 in Deposited Plan (DP) 11270" ... county, for example "Section 53, Hundred of Borda, County of Carnarvon", or the allotment number within government towns ... Sometimes a combination is used, such as "allotment 1 (DP 25326), Hundred of Munno Para" ...

Famous quotes containing the word allotment:

    Now I hold Creation in my foot

    Or fly up, and revolve it all slowly—
    I kill where I please because it is all mine.
    There is no sophistry in my body:
    My manners are tearing off heads—

    The allotment of death.
    Ted Hughes (b. 1930)