All Burma Federation of Student Unions

All Burma Federation Of Student Unions

The All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU) is the umbrella organisation for all the student unions in Burma (also Myanmar) and is an active voice for academic freedoms and student rights throughout the country. ABFSU offers a reliable source of information to the outside world, reporting regularly on the attempts of the military government (SPDC) to intimidate and silence those involved in the pro-democracy movement.

Since 1988 a new arm of ABFSU has been working outside Burma specifically to inform the international community of rights violations in the country and of the crisis in education taking place there. The ‘All Burma Federation of Students Unions - Foreign Affairs Committee’, or ABFSU-FAC, hopes to expose issues (for example) in Burma to a wider audience, accelerate the development of international student organizations and promote worldwide student activism.

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abfsu’s_prominent_leaders" class="article_title_2">All Burma Federation Of Student Unions - ABFSU’s Prominent Leaders
... those associated with ABFSU over the years have been hugely influential in Burma’s ongoing political struggles a continuing pedigree of politically ... Such human rights violations are reportedly widespread in Burma today but, significantly, they appear not to have had the desired effect of permanently ... Kyi) Ko U Nu (became first democratically elected Prime Minister of Burma) Ko Thein Pe Myint(became General Secretary of Burmese Communist Party) Min Ko Naing (currently imprisoned) leader of ABFSU and ...

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