ALGOL X was the code name given to the programming language which the Working Group 2.1 on ALGOL of the International Federation for Information Processing was to develop as a successor to ALGOL 60. It attempted to find a "short-term solution to existing difficulties".

"... the Algol 60 devotees had not been idle... they set out to eliminate the dreaded Remaining Trouble Spots. They called their Algol 60 "Modified". - R. de Morgan. - Jul 1977 Title "The Algollers"

One ALGOL X compiler is known to have existed, it was written with the AED-0 (Automated Engineering Design) System by Douglas T. Ross of MIT.

Example class definition: (An extract from AB26.2.2)

class expression is constant (real value) ora variable (string printname) ora class pair is (sum ora difference ora product ora quotient)((expression) left operand, right operand, derivative);

Example class usage:

(expression) X; (constant) Y; (pair) Z; (product) Q; X := Y:= constant(10.5); Z := Q := product(variable("ALPHA"), constant(2.), constant(2.))

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