ALGOL68G or Algol 68 Genie is a recent ALGOL 68 compiler-interpreter. ALGOL68G is a nearly full implementation of ALGOL 68 as defined by the Revised Report and also implements partial parametrisation, which is an extension of ALGOL 68. After successful parsing of an entire source program, the syntax tree, that serves as an intermediate program representation, is interpreted. The interpreter performs many runtime checks. Optionally, units with large interpreter overhead can be compiled to speed execution.

The author and maintainer of Algol 68 Genie is Marcel van der Veer. Algol 68 Genie is released under GPL and runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and Windows, and is available here.

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ALGOL 68G - Deviations From The Revised Report Language
... are The important difference with the Revised Report transput model is that Algol 68 Genie transput does not operate on FLEX FLEX FLEX CHAR, but on a ... The Algol 68 Genie parallel clause deviates from the Algol 68 parallel clause when parallel clauses are nested ... In Algol 68 Genie, stack frames inside a parallel unit are private, therefore if parallel units modify a shared variable then this variable must be declared outside the outermost ...