Alex Cross - Appearances in The Alex Cross Series

Appearances in The Alex Cross Series

  • In Along Came a Spider, Cross deals with the kidnapping of two wealthy children at the hands of Gary Soneji.
  • In Kiss the Girls, Cross battles the serial killers Casanova and The Gentleman Caller, who "collects" beautiful women, including Cross' niece Naomi.
  • In Jack & Jill, Cross goes up against three killers: two who kill high-profile people and one who kills children.
  • In Cat and Mouse, Cross engages Gary Soneji again and after dealing with him crosses paths with another killer, Mr. Smith.
  • In Pop Goes the Weasel, Cross matches wits with a serial killer named Geoffrey Shafer, a British man with diplomatic immunity.
  • In Roses Are Red, Cross goes against a criminal calling himself The Mastermind, who commits several brutal bank robberies.
  • In Violets Are Blue, Cross goes against a cult of vampires and learns the true identity of the Mastermind, whom he takes down.
  • In Four Blind Mice, Cross and his friend, John Sampson, investigate three killers who are framing seemingly innocent soldiers from the Vietnam War.
  • In The Big Bad Wolf, Cross, now a member of the FBI, tries to stop a Russian mobster known only as the Wolf.
  • In London Bridges, Cross tries to stop the Wolf once and for all, but the Wolf has enlisted the Weasel, Geoffrey Shafer, to help him take Cross down.
  • In Mary, Mary, Cross tries to stop Mary Smith, a psychopathic killer targeting Hollywood stars and powerbrokers.
  • In Cross, Cross, who has left the FBI to open up a private psychology practice, and John Sampson try to stop The Butcher, a serial rapist/murderer who may be somehow connected to the murder of Alex's wife Maria.
  • In Double Cross, Alex, still in private practice, rejoins the MPD as a special consultant to the Major Crimes Squad and is joined by John Sampson and new love interest, Det. Brianna Stone, in an effort to stop the DC Audience Killer, a serial killer with a flair for showmanship who may also have some connection to a previous Cross nemesis, The Mastermind.
  • In Cross Country, Cross travels to Africa to investigate the death of an old friend, where he is brutally beaten several times. He ultimately unravels a conspiracy linking the killers with the US and African governments.
  • In Alex Cross's Trial, Cross writes a novel based on the experiences of his great-uncle Abraham Cross, who in 1906 worked with attorney Ben Corbett (at the behest of President Theodore Roosevelt) to investigate the lynching of Black citizens by the Ku Klux Klan in Eudora, Mississippi.
  • In I, Alex Cross, Cross gets involved in the investigation of the death of a relative, which leads into a world of fantasy and violence. All leads points to a brutal murderer with White House connections known only as Zeus.
  • In Cross Fire, Cross attempts to capture a sniper who is assassinating corrupt politicians. In the midst of the investigation, the Mastermind resurfaces.
  • In Kill Alex Cross, The two children of the President of the United States have been kidnapped, with Det. Alex Cross being one of the first to attend the scene and investigate the crime. However, there's a shadowy figure who is using the CIA, FBI and Secret Service to stop him from being involved in the case and shedding light on the disappearances.
  • In Merry Christmas, Alex Cross, Cross is put on the case when the local church's poor box is robbed. After solving the case, he must solve a series of murders and may not make it home for Christmas.
  • Alex Cross, Run One of Cross's oldest enemies that he put into prison gets out and gets a face job, becoming unrecognizable, he decides to extract revenge upon Cross.

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