Aldol Reactions

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Aldol Reaction - Modern Variations and Methods - Organocatalysis
... This reaction is known as the Hajos-Parrish reaction (also known as the Hajos-Parrish-Eder-Sauer-Wiechert reaction, referring to a contemporaneous report from Schering of the reaction under harsher ... There is no danger of an achiral background reaction because the transient enamine intermediates are much more nucleophilic than their parent ketone enols ... a simple way of generating enantioselectivity in reactions without using transition metals, which have the possible disadvantages of being toxic or expensive ...
Chiral Auxiliary - Oxazolidones - Aldol Reactions
... Chiral oxazolidinones have been employed most widely in stereoselective aldol reactions ... which undergoes a diastereoselective aldol reaction with an aldehyde substrate ... Stereoselective Evans aldol reaction ...

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