Alcor can refer to:

  • Alcor (star), also known as 80 Ursae Majoris, a star in Ursa Major very close to Mizar
  • Alcor Life Extension Foundation
  • Alcor sailplane, a high altitude pressurized sailplane developed by aeronautical engineer Robert Lamson
  • ALCOR, a programming language
  • French name of the anime and manga hero Kouji Kabuto

Other articles related to "alcor":

Jerry Leaf - Cryovita Laboratories
... was a for-profit organization which provided cryopreservation services and the building for Alcor in the 1980s, including storage of the first cryonics patient, James Bedford, from 1982 ... was developed for these experiments became the basis for the washout solution used at Alcor ... to a more technologically advanced dewar at Alcor in 1991 and were able to examine him at that time ...
Pioneer Star - Mizar and Alcor in Military
... USS Mizar (AF-12) and USNS Mizar (T-AGOR-11), both of United States navy ships ... USS Alcor (AD-34) and USS Alcor (AK-259), both of United States navy ships ...
Dora Kent
... She was Alcor's eighth patient and the oldest at that time to ever be cryopreserved ... She was the mother of Saul Kent, a board member of Alcor ... to Alzheimer's disease and pneumonia, Kent was brought by her son to the Alcor facility in Riverside, California, where she died ...
Horse And Rider
... of the two stars Mizar (ζ UMa) and Alcor (80 UMa) because of their close proximity in the sky ... With good eyesight one can make out Alcor as a faint companion just to the east ... Alcor has magnitude 3.99 and spectral class A5 V ...