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Sonic Adventure: Songs With Attitude Vocal Mini-Album - Track Listing - Open Your Heart - Versions
... There are many different versions to the same song ... These are as follows Album Version - The version that appears on just about every CD release ... Game Version - The version that actually appears in the Sonic Adventure (and DX version) video game ...
Lucid Dreams - Live Performances
... Two versions of this song are used when played live ... The two verses and choruses of the pre-album version segue into the latter section of the album version, sometimes including the instrumental breakdown ... The intro and chorus of the album version are not used ...
Lucid Dreams - Album Version
... The single differs from the version that appears on Tonight Franz Ferdinand, which has been described by several reviewers as the highlight of the album ... The pre-album bridge now starts the song, the chorus has been revised and the original second verse and ending are omitted, with an almost four minute 'acid ...
Sweet Dreams (Beyoncé Knowles Song) - Leak and Release
... under its original title the day after it was recorded in March 2008, eight months before the album's release ... the first time that a single by Knowles was leaked before its inclusion on an upcoming album ... Usually a leak that far in advance of an album release puts the song in serious jeopardy of being excluded from the final track list ...
L'Instant X - Official Versions
... Version Length Album Remixed by Year Comment "L'Instant X" Album version 445 Anamorphosée — 1995 Single version 410 — Laurent Boutonnat 1995 This version is shorter than the ... were deleted, and only chorus and the first verse are retained in this version ... Ramon Zenker groove trop re-mix 526 — Ramon Zenker 1995 This is an electronic version which contains all the lyrics ...

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