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Alain Le Roy Locke - Posthumous Works
... Alain Locke's previously unpublished, posthumous works include Locke, Alain ... "The Moon Maiden" and "Alain Locke in His Own Words Three Essays." World Order 36.3 (2005) 37–48 ... Four previously unpublished works by Alain Locke "The Moon Maiden" (37) "The Gospel for the Twentieth Century" (39–42) "Peace between Black and White in the United States" (42–45) "Five Phases of ...

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    When the spirit brings light into our minds, it dispels darkness. We see it, as we do that of the sun at noon, and need not the twilight of reason to show it us. This light from heaven is strong, clear, and pure carries its own demonstration with it; and we may as naturally take a glow-worm to assist us to discover the sun, as to examine the celestial ray by our dim candle, reason.
    —John Locke (1632–1704)