Al-Qaeda Safe Houses, Karachi - Connection To The Murder of American Journalist Daniel Pearl

Connection To The Murder of American Journalist Daniel Pearl

Yosri Fouda, Al Jazeera's London bureau chief, interviewed Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in April 2002 in a Karachi safe house. According to Jane Mayer, writing for The New Yorker, Fouda was "astounded" at the lack of concern Mohammed showed for his personal security, during and after the interview. She reported that Mohammed escorted Fouda downstairs and onto the street, following the interview. During this interview in the Karachi safe house Mohammed gave Fouda an unedited copy of the video of the beheading of American journalist Daniel Pearl. Pearl had been kidnapped and beheaded by jihadists in February 2002, in Karachi, two months prior to the interview. While Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was, eventually, to confess to beheading Pearl, when subjected to "extended interrogation methods" in CIA custody, he did not take credit for the beheading when interviewed by Fouda.

In July 2002 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed lived in a four bedroom safe house in Karachi. It contained three laptops and five cell phones.

Saud Memon, a wealthy Karachi industrialist owned the building where Pearl was held, killed and buried. He disappeared while living outside Pakistan in March 2003. He was found near his family home in Karachi four years later on April 28, 2007. He was emaciated, infected with meningitis, and unable to speak, or to recognize members of his family. He died three weeks later, on May 18, 2007, without offering an account of his missing four years. He was widely reported to have been apprehended by American security officials.

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