Air National Guard - List of Air National Guard Leaders

List of Air National Guard Leaders

This is a list of the senior leaders or Generals of the Air National Guard. The title has changed over time: The Assistant Chief, National Guard Bureau for Air,; Chief, Air Force Division, National Guard Bureau; Director Air National Guard.

Number Name From To
1 COL William A. R. Robertson 28 November 1945 October 1948
2 MG Georg G. Finch October 1948 25 September 1950
3 MG Earl T. Ricks 13 October 1950 4 January 1954
4 MG Winston P. Wilson 26 January 1954 5 August 1962
5 MG I. G. Brown 6 August 1962 19 April 1974
6 MG John J. Pesch 20 April 1974 31 January 1977
7 MG John T. Guice 1 February 1977 1 April 1981
8 MG John B. Conaway 1 April 1981 1 November 1988
9 MG Philip G. Killey 1 November 1988 28 January 1994
10 MG Donald W. Shepperd 28 January 1994 28 January 1998
11 MG Paul A. Weaver Jr. 28 January 1998 3 December 2001
(Acting) BG David A. Brubaker 3 December 2001 3 June 2002
12 Lt Gen Daniel James III 3 June 2002 20 May 2006
13 Lt Gen Craig R. McKinley 20 May 2006 17 November 2008
(Acting) MG Emmett R. Titshaw Jr. 17 November 2008 2 February 2009
14 Lt Gen Harry M. Wyatt III 2 February 2009 Present

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