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Cadet Officers

Cadet Officers, AS300 (ICL), AS400 (SCL), and AS700 (ECL), are cadets who have satisfactorily completed the AFOQT and FT. Cadet officers are members of the POC. Cadet officers wear cadet officer rank (Cadet Second Lieutenant (C/2d Lt) - Cadet Colonel (C/Col)). Unlike the Air Force Academy, for juniors and seniors there is no rank of Cadet Second Class or Cadet First Class, respectively. All cadet officers are considered to be "on contract" and are committed to joining the Air Force upon completion of their academic degree.

Like GMC cadets on contract, all POC cadets are considered to be inactive enlisted members of the Air Force Reserve, serving without pay between the grades of E-1 and E-5, with said enlisted status terminating upon commissioning. As contracted cadets, AS300 cadets also receive a monthly tax free stipend of $450 and AS400 cadets receive $500. POC cadets are required to meet USAF height and weight standards, pass the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) each academic semester, and meet a minimum cumulative and term GPA requirement of 2.0 (2.5 if on scholarship). Repeatedly failing to meet the standards may result in disenrollement from AFROTC. All POC cadets also must hold at least one leadership position within the cadet wing or group as designated by the detachment cadre's Commandant of Cadets (COC).

In some cases, students with academic requirements that exceed four years (usually engineers and other technical majors in five year programs) continue the AFROTC program for additional semesters as needed. During these additional years these cadets (AS700) are only minimally required to participate in LLAB and maintain retention standards. It is important to note that this is not the case for schools with co-op programs that entail a total of four years of classes and one year of cooperative experience. In these cases the cadets are classified as AS300's their first POC year and AS400's their second and third POC years. The cadets will not attend aerospace classes, Physical Training, or Leadership Lab during their co-op blocks (they will be on Periods of Non-Attendance) and otherwise complete the program like any four-year major.

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