Air Duct

  • (noun): A duct that provides ventilation (as in mines).
    Synonyms: air passage, airway

Some articles on air duct:

Autoclave (industrial) - Design and Construction - Interior
... Some have an air duct at the six-o'clock position which also carries the cart rails, while others have a wide floor with the mechanical components beneath it ... Others have the air duct at the top ... Typically, autoclaves use an annular air duct running across the full circumference of the interior ...
List Of Alien Characters - Alien
... He is then dragged into an air duct ... Parker barely see him get carried into the air duct before he is dragged away ... He was attacked by the Alien in the air duct tunnels trying to blow the alien out of the ship into outer space through the airlock ...

Famous quotes containing the word air:

    Oh none too soon through the air white and dry
    Will the clear announcer’s voice
    Beat like a dove, and you and I

    From the heart’s anarch and responsible town
    Return by subway-mouth to life again,
    Bearing the morning papers,
    Richard Wilbur (b. 1921)