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List Of Fictional Computers - Computer and Video Games
... and Morganna from the.hack series, the Phases that serve Morganna, and the Net Slum AIs (2002) Benson, the sardonic 9th generation PC from the video game Mercenary and its sequels (1985 ... in the Halo video games (2001) "'ClapTrap'", a small robot AI assistant with an attitude and possibly ninja training. 2011) EVA, the Electronic Video Agent AI, console interface, and more benign equivalent of the Brotherhood of Nod CABAL in Command Conquer (see above) (1995) FATE, the supercomputer that directs ...

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    I’ve created a hundred times the monster that my father made.
    —W. Scott Darling. Erle C. Kenton. Dr. Frankenstein (Sir Cedric Hardwicke)