Ahmad Bahar - Political Career

Political Career

Bahar and his cousin were founder members of the Democratic Party of Khorasan and contributed to the development of democratic values and encouraged the public to learn about Iran's national interests.

He was owner and editor of the "Bahar" influential newspaper that was published in Mashad during first world war and in Tehran during 2nd world war. He was invited by Ahmad Ghavam Ghavomolsaltaneh the Prime Minister to join Government service in 1941 as a Special Secretary to Prime Minister, as well as Press Secretary at the office of Prime Minister.

He continued the job of Special Secretary to many Prime Ministers including Dr. Mohammed Mossadeq. In addition to his old position during Mossadegh’s Premiership and Nationalization of Oil Industry, he was promoted to be Chief of Staff of the Prime Ministerial Office too.

He was twice elected as member of parliament Majles from Mashad but on both occasions, the Imperial Court exercised its dictatorial power (i.e. Reza Shah and his Son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi) and he was not allowed to serve. On occasion of the popular and religious rise of people of Khorasan in summer of 1935, Bahar was accused of collaboration with organizers of this demonstration in Gowhar Shad Mosque and shrine of Imam Reza in Mashad and jailed for two Years and then exiled from Mashad to Tehran. It is interesting to note that 19 members of the so called Islamic Revolutionary Council of Iran in 1979 were also prosecuted for having a role in the popular riot of Gowharshad Mosque.

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