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Bahar was a fourth generation descendant of Erekle II who was part of the Georgian Bagrationi dynasty. The Bahar family ancestry can thus be traced back over 1000 years.

Two of King Erekle's sons, who were also half brothers of King Erekle's Heir George XII of Georgia, Zorab and Alexander of Georgia were military leaders on behalf of the Persian Shah (King of Kings) Fat'h Ali Shah Qajar in the Russo-Persian War (1804-1813) for continuation of Iranian rule in Georgia and eventually lost and were brought to Iran by Abbas Mirza (who was the Crown Prince and Commander of Iranian Forces in Georgia).

Abass Mirza asked King Fat'h Ali Shah to keep them honorably and give them jobs in the Imperial Court. Two brothers changed their names to Sohrab and Eskandar Mirza, and converted to Islam. Sohrab was appointed Court Cashier called Naghdi, and founded the Naghdi family surname in Iran. After a series of disappointments trying to regain the Georgian Kingdom. One of Eskandar Mirza Khan's children Afrasiab Khan converted to Islam and became a trader of stain glass products (from Russia) in the Tehran bazaar, and eventually moved to Mashad to be close to the Shrine of Imam Reza. Afrasiab Khan reportedly had a family and his oldest son was Haj Abbas Gholi, who then had nine children. Gholi's four sons were Haj sheikh Ali Asghar, Haj Sheikh Mohamad Kazem, Haj Sheikh Mohamad Ali (Moin-o-raia), Haj Sheikh Mohamad Javad (died suspiciously in Majlis as the representative for Mashad). Gholi's daughters included Sakineh Tehranian (Sabouri) who was Mohammad-Taghi Bahar's (aka. Malek-ol-shoara Bahar)Mother. Ahmad Bahar was the oldest son of Haj Sheikh Mohamad Kazem, and cousin of Mohammad-Taghi Bahar (aka. Makel-Ol-Shoara Bahar). They served together in government, and worked together in the Bahar Newspaper.

Because of his move from Tehran to Mashad his surname along with his immediate family and most of his relatives in Mashad changed to Tehranian or Tehrani (which means from Tehran).

Bahar carried this surname until Reza Shah decreed that all citizens must have a registered surname (not common at the time in Iran). So Sheikh Ahmad Tehrani or Tehranian chose the new surname of Bahar for the first time in Iran because of the good name of his newspaper; and he was also known as Sheikh Ahmad Bahar in many official circles. His cousin Mohammad-Taghi Bahar who family name was Sabouri, also used a pen name of "Bahar" and officially registered the surname of Bahar in Tehran because at that time Iranian law would only allow one surname of each type in each city.

Bahar had five sons and two daughters as follows: his first son, Habib Bahar, is a lawyer and was also a member of Iran's Majlis (Parliament) from Mashad. His 2nd son is Rashed Bahar, Agricultural Engineer and is now a Retired Officer for the World Health Organization. His 3rd Son Dr. Jalil Bahar is a retired Diplomat, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Iran)). His 4th Son Mohammad Reza Bahar is a Retired Colonel of Traffic Police and served his last post as Chief of Metropolitan Traffic Police of Tehran. His 5th son is Dr. Kamal Bahar, a Pathologist and Immunologist (Tehran). His Daughters are Bahereh Bahar (Social Worker and retired Senior official of Tehran City Municipality), and Dr. Lili Bahar (Dentist in Tehran).

He died in Tehran at 1957 and buried in the Ebn-e Babveih graveyard close to graves of Dr. Hossein Fatemi executed Foreign Minister of Dr. Mossadegh and Matyrs of 30 Tir 1331 Riot (21 July 1952) against Shah and Ahmad Ghavam Ghavomolsaltaneh the Prime Minister.

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