Agrippa II

Agrippa II (born AD 27/28), son of Agrippa I, and like him originally named Marcus Julius Agrippa, was the seventh and last king of the family of Herod the Great, thus last of the Herodians. He was the brother of Berenice, Mariamne, and Drusilla (second wife of the Roman procurator Antonius Felix). He is sometimes also called Herod Agrippa II.

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Herodian Coinage - Herod Agrippa II 55–92 AD
... Agrippa II was the last ruler of the Herodian Dynasty ... inscription 'ΒΆΣΙΛΕΩΣ ΆΓΡΙΠΠΌΎ' (King Agrippa) ... Agrippa II also minted a 'Judaea Capta' coin ...
Agrippa II - Life
... Agrippa was educated at the court of the emperor Claudius, and at the time of his father's death was only seventeen years old ... of Chalcis (in 48), his small principality (Chalcis, Syria) was given to Agrippa, with the right of superintending the Temple in Jerusalem and appointing its high priest ... Agrippa celebrated by marrying off his two sisters Mariamne and Drusilla ...