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Irrigation Infrastructure

Bolivia has approximately 226,500 irrigated hectares (ha) or about 11% of the total agricultural land 2,100,000 ha. There are about 5,000 irrigation systems in Bolivia, most of them located in the South and Southwestern areas (Valles and Antiplano). These irrigation systems consist of rudimentary web of canals supplied by rainfall with few regulatory schemes such as dams, which makes them very vulnerable to seasonality of rain. Overall efficiency of irrigation systems varies from 18-30% in traditional systems to 35-50% in improved systems.

Irrigation systems by Department, size and area

Department Micro (10ha) Small (100ha) Medium (500ha) Big (>500ha) Total
Chuquisaca 1,653 11,370 4,261 3,884 21,168
Cochabamba 1,938 22,225 27,403 35,968 81,925
La Paz 1,703 21,047 6,052 7,192 35,994
Oruro 940 3,638 440 9,021 14,039
Potosi 3,240 10,146 2,254 600 16,240
Santa Cruz 269 5,456 8,434 1,080 15,239
Tarija 785 12,755 17,101 5,710 36,351
Total 10,528 86,638 65,944 63,454 226,564

Source: Ministerio del Agua

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