Agricultural Revolution

Agricultural Revolution or Agrarian Revolution may refer to:

  • The Neolithic Revolution (around 10,000 BP), the initial transition from hunting and gathering to settled agriculture in prehistory
  • The Arab Agricultural Revolution (8th–13th centuries), a term coined by the historian Andrew Watson postulating a fundamental transformation in agriculture arising from the diffusion of crops through the Islamic world
  • The British Agricultural Revolution (17th–19th centuries), an increase in agricultural productivity in Great Britain which helped drive the Industrial Revolution
  • The Scottish Agricultural Revolution (18th–19th centuries), the British Agricultural Revolution in Scotland specifically, which led to the Lowland Clearances
  • The Green Revolution (1943–late 1970s), a series of research, development, and technology transfer initiatives that increased industrialized agriculture production in India and other countries in the developing world

Agrarian Revolution may also refer to:

  • The period 1927–1937 in the Chinese Civil War

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