AGM-45 Shrike

AGM-45 Shrike is an American anti-radiation missile designed to home in on hostile anti-aircraft radar. The Shrike was developed by the Naval Weapons Center at China Lake in 1963 by mating a seeker head to the rocket body of an AIM-7 Sparrow. It was phased out by U.S. in 1992 and at an unknown time by the Israeli Air Force (the only other major user), and has been superseded by the AGM-88 HARM missile. The Israel Defense Forces developed a version of the Shrike that could be ground-launched and mounted it on an M4 Sherman chassis as the Kilshon (Hebrew for Trident).

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AGM-45 Shrike - Variants
... The Shrike's limitations are characterized primarily in the fact that subvariants abound, each tuned to a different radar band ... Many pilots in Vietnam did not like the Shrike because of its limitations and its success rate of around 25% ...