Agher - Agher Demesne - Agher House

Agher House

Agher House faced East with the wing to the south side. It had many beautiful large rooms, stairways back and front and a number of bathrooms and toilets. Outside it had beautiful walk, gardens, trees and shrubs, with a pond to the west of the house.

The Winters had many servants including a butler, cook, housekeeper and maids as well as a coachman, a carpenter and a gardener. In the early 1930s Colonel Winter sold the estate to the land commission. The land commission divided the land among some local people and people from the west and south of Ireland. The land commission tried to sell the house but could get no offers and in 1947 a decision was taken to demolish the house by controlled explosion. The rubble was pushed into the basement of the former mansion and a modern house was built beside it. This was a great shame and a great tragedy as a four story mansion was demolished and many jobs were lost. The site retains some original features like the entrance,the out-offices and the farmyard.

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