Aggregate Income

Aggregate income is the combined income earned by an entire group of persons. 'Aggregate income' in economics is a broad conceptual term. It may express the proceeds from total output in the economy for producers of that output. One such measure of it is National Income in the National Income and Product Accounts. It is the sum of employees, proprietors, rental, corporate, interest, and government income less the subsidies government pays to any of those groups.

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    There are few sorrows, however poignant, in which a good income is of no avail.
    Logan Pearsall Smith (1865–1946)

    We cannot think of a legitimate argument why ... whites and blacks need be affected by the knowledge that an aggregate difference in measured intelligence is genetic instead of environmental.... Given a chance, each clan ... will encounter the world with confidence in its own worth and, most importantly, will be unconcerned about comparing its accomplishments line-by-line with those of any other clan. This is wise ethnocentricism.
    Richard Herrnstein (1930–1994)